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my name is linda. an aspiring young photographer that i grew up in a cozy little town in denmark.

this is a blog about anything i can think of. usually i blog about whatever my life brings me… it’s like an online diary.

i am a middle child. i love to send and receive letters. i enjoy reading books but do it too infrequently. i like to look at art and wear black. my love for music reaches to everything from elvis presley to rammstein. i believe that death isn't the opposite of life but a part of it and that photography gives me freedom to express myself. i am horrible at smalltalk, is terrified of darkness, appreciate honesty and often don't speak my mind but regret it later.

contact: lindapochinda@hotmail.com
everything posted on this blog has been made/captured by me, unless it says otherwise
- so please don't copy without reference

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