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timeless - thoughtful - fragmented

for a smaller school assignment based on a quick writing about our christmas vacation.
experimenting with glitch art

"slow days, contemplative days. family and silence. gift race during the last few days, like always. alone, just the five of us for the first time. not finding the almond, again. snow after christmas, quickly melts away. writing. waiting. i rarely talk to daniel and when he says he loves me i simply smile back and suffocate the words between my lips.
25. december. odense. the first time. nico and i. cocktails for too much money. cold streets, lots of people. familiar faces. the years reminder when doubt about life in another town hits you. the people, the city, a life i once loved but happily escaped. a weird night. awkward conversations and nicos smile with the big gap between his front teeth.
an expectant new years eve. a new year. a new beginning. something i feel for the first time in forever. drunk in a metro, we jump floating, timeless, moving into the new year. falling asleep among coats and the smell of strangers. an apartment bigger and more extravagant than i would’ve expected. ballet dancers still dancing elegant even when they don’t dance ballet. smiles."

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