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The radio plays old rock hits that never before have reached my ears, but Daniel sings each word as if he wrote them himself. My smile tells him that I’m speechless and we can’t help but start laughing. The dry California sun rests on my skin and I take it in because I know that days back home soon will be dominated by cooler weather and darkness. My wet hair lies on my skin like tree roots that managed to fight their way through the soil and breath air along the surface. The feeling of clean clothes is so refreshing. The car is packed with bags, pillows, photo equipment and a cooler full of fruit and juices. We hold hands and I run my fingers through his hair. The roads that seem endlessly long are surrounded by golden mountains and fields. The long flight and the 11 hour delay left its marks and Daniel notices when my eyes are getting too heavy to carry. He leaves a pillow between my head and the window. I can’t stop smiling. It’s so blissful to have him near me again.
16. september 2013

*I didn't take as many photos on this trip as I wanted to.
Holding his hand was simply more important*

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