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When I first began to photograph and use photoshop I was lucky enough to find beautiful curves made by some great photographers. This gave me an amazing opportunity to play and learn and by time I started to make my own and create colors the way I wanted. I therefore feel like it’s now my turn to share some of the things I’ve been able to make as a thanks to all of the people following my work and giving other new photoshoppers and photographers the chance to start creating as I did.
Also I want to try and share a new free curve in the beginning of every month, so stay tuned for more.

Click here to download your free curve "Cranberries".

Examples below, move the mouse over the photo to see the original color

Copy the curve you downloaded and paste it in your photoshop “presets” folder.
For windows, the folder is located here:
c:\program files\adobe\adobe photoshop\presets\
For mac, the presets are located here:
~/library/application support/adobe/adobe photoshop/presets/

Another way to do it is to open photoshop with the image you want to edit.
To open the curves window press Ctrl + Alt + m (windows) / command + m (mac)
then press the load preset button and find the curve you downloaded

You might need to make adjustments to the curve to make it fit your specific image.
Good luck and please send me some of your images in case you use it, I would love to see your results!


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