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As the sunset made the words unreadable, I closed my book and left it in my brown leather purse to rest. My mind started wandering and as I tried to keep up, I began walking the streets along the moat. The weather was cooler than usual but the darkness kept me warm. 
Above the sky was black with a few smokey clouds dotting the air and my eyes started to follow the strings of light hanging from the quite trees, while I let myself lose sense of reality once more. 
I closed my eyes and imagined myself lying on the bottom of the ocean. On sand populated by nothing but empty space. 
The only sign of another world were the sunbeams fighting their way through, to dance across the seabed of nothingness. The water was so glorious and rich. Deep sapphire. 
My body was touched by the familiar song of water and calmness which the sight of never ending ocean gives one. I lay there thinking about your words and they tasted sweet. I kept turning them between my teeth and I felt helpless as you keep my heart bottled up on your nightstand. I wonder if you ever look at it and what it looks like.
Often I don’t trust my own judgmental as I wear my emotions on the outside, because I don’t know better, and it makes me scared because it is to your advantage.
Humans tend to have an arrogant habit of assuming that we know the outcome and reasons for everything and therefore I was always taught to make restrictions. And so far it has worked out fine. But that night when you broke the glass of the crowd of unfamiliar faces I looked into your blue eyes and knew that I could trust you. I kept an open mind and that was the moment I fully gave myself to you, and you had every chance to crush me like fragile butterfly wings. But you didn’t. 

photo by the amazing Laura Makabresku
Fact can be stranger than fiction

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{ Rebecca } on: Friday, 21 December, 2012 said...

this is gorgeous.You are beautiful and have a beautiful heart, I see it in your words.:)

{ Amalie Luther } on: Monday, 24 December, 2012 said...


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