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"a soothing sum of monks who meditate. thousands of eyes resting on the sky. thousands of twinkling lanterns which together forms a new galaxy that spreads to all corners of the world... one moment that takes your breath away and leaves you speechless for days."
- 24.11.2012, notebook scribbles
loy krathong, photos captured between the 24th and 28th november 2012
click here to read more about the festival from my roommate Ashley's point of view

The moon moves slowly, but it crosses the town

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{ Yana } on: Tuesday, 11 December, 2012 said...

Wonderful photos :)

{ Regina Leah } on: Tuesday, 11 December, 2012 said...

all of the lights look so so amazing!

{ Loulou } on: Wednesday, 03 April, 2013 said...

your work is really really good! so happy i found this place!!!!

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