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Every time I drive to town I’m speechless. My favourite place to pass is when the leaves of the trees and shrub no longer covers the visibility of the little winding, bumpy road and is replaced by large paddy fields on both sides. The clear blue sky and the silhouettes of the mountains rising up from the ground not so faraway are reflected in the glassy waters. A photograph would not be worthy for that breath-taking feeling you get when first seeing this. I can’t wait to show Steph this little remarkable spot on earth.

The happiest asks directions, even though he knows the way

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{ Tori Ishikawa } on: Wednesday, 15 August, 2012 said...

This place sounds absolutely beautiful. :) I would like to see although I will not be able to. Sounds seriously gorgeous!

{ AVY } on: Friday, 17 August, 2012 said...

I know that feeling, and some things shouldn't be photographed. It will never compare to reality.

/ Avy

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