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Lately I’ve found a great joy in photographing kids. They look so innocent, calm and unaware of where their lives are taking them. I wish I was a kid - full of untouched imagination and laughter of truth.

“It is photography itself that creates the illusion of innocence. Its ironies of frozen narrative lend to its subjects an apparent unawareness that they will change or die. It is the future they are innocent of. Fifty years on we look at them with the godly knowledge of how they turne dout after all - who they married, the date of their death
- with no thought for who will one day be holding photographs of us.”
― Ian McEwan, Black Dogs

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{ Freya } on: Saturday, 11 August, 2012 said...

fucking awesome pretty photos!

{ Regina Leah } on: Saturday, 11 August, 2012 said...

So beautiful, you captured their innocence and their heart-warming curiosity and longing to get to know the world.
Every year I realise I grew older in numbers I want to be a child again even more.

{ Tori Ishikawa } on: Saturday, 11 August, 2012 said...

Ah, you and I are are similar. I have also started recently enjoying photographing babies to little children (not something I was super interested in before) although, I wish I had the ability to get more candid moments like you have been able to get. Beautiful pictures. :)

{ Olivia Lee } on: Sunday, 12 August, 2012 said...

This is beautiful.

{ Yana } on: Sunday, 12 August, 2012 said...

So beautiful!

{ Rebecca } on: Tuesday, 14 August, 2012 said...

I love those pictures and that quote!

{ Akiko } on: Wednesday, 15 August, 2012 said...

Such gorgeous and dreamy photos!! xo akiko
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