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It wasn’t as dark as I had imagined it. The trees stood along the winding paths that led up to the university and the air was so fresh. My head was pretty clear despite the few hours of sleep but it didn’t change the fact that I still was envious of Lasse that I had left back in bed. The thought of the warm duvet made the weather seem just a bit colder. It was luckily cloudless. The moon shone clearly on the firmament’s edge so I knew that I had to hurry if I wanted to capture it. I found my sister sleepless although she showed no signs that would suggest it. She told me that she had explored the university’s murky basement and unknown corners all night. Together with the rest of her student council, we went up on the roof of the building. The sun was just about to emerge from the horizon. Everyone waited anxiously to see what we were all gathered to watch: the transit of venus. I'm not the biggest fan of astronomy. I think it's fascinating, but really I’d rather not think about it. The size of the universe and its many secrets gives me headache. Nevertheless, I still wanted to participate in this event, which according to science first will take place again in 105 years. The frame of mind made the sunrise seem more special than any other sunrise and all eyes were looking restlessly for the little black dot, which was hard to spot since it didn’t cover much of the big star. Although I had borrowed a tele lens of Zin I didn’t manage to capture a picture of feminine planet, with the exception of "the refelction", which a boy named Thomas was able to make ​​with a piece of paper and a pair of binoculars. Unfortunately. The sun was too bright (for both my eyes and camera) and the focus uncontrollable. But I was feeling fine. Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another

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{ Michelle } on: Thursday, 07 June, 2012 said...

Fede billeder! Nummer 3 er specielt flot! Overvejede selv om jeg skulle overvære det (tage billeder af det), men har slet ikke kamera udstyret til det. Valgte i stedet bare at sove mig over dette natur fænomen :')

{ Rebecca } on: Thursday, 07 June, 2012 said...

My dad and I tried the paper thing too, but didn't see it. Fabulous pictures!

{ Lamalwina. } on: Wednesday, 01 August, 2012 said...

very beautiful!

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