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Every morning I drive by a yellow stone house which front yard is dominated by two gigantic white lions. Two sculptures that in many Asian countries are intended to scare away evil spirits. A house which ones sight is hard to miss. But as I have driven passed this house several of times, I started to catch glimpse of their hidden back garden too. There wasn’t much to see but several of white silhouettes turned on my interest and my mind began to cast a photoshoot together. What I wanted was snow. So I decided to wait until the cold months to get what I wanted, but as November, December and most of January passed without as much as one snowflake falling from the sky, I almost gave up my little photoshoot dream. Luckily for me the sky decided to turn grey and give me what I had longed for, for so long and I asked the family in the yellow house for permission. It was a nice Chinese-Vietnamese family who gladly would lend me their garden for a few hours. I asked the beautiful Laura to help me out and with an ambivalent feeling of desire and obligation to do so after having "let me down" previously in relation to photoshoots, she said yes.
I’ve known her for almost as long as I can remember. 13 years, since kindergarten class. We have both changed a lot since then, except for Laura’s crystal blue eyes, long brown hair and shy smile.

It’s a very special garden. White sculptures of lions and children are standing in all corners of the garden. The cutest little playhouse, which inside walls are painted in baby pink, is standing in the middle next to the yards only tree. Even though the tree is the only one, it isn’t very lonely. Its branches carry a tree house. Something I’ve always wanted to have as a child.
In the back of the garden stands a pavilion with a stone table and matching chairs, a place I imagine to be magical to sit by in the late evenings of the summer. We found it surrounded by frozen water and plants hidden by crockery, so to get to the pavilion we had to cross a little slippery bridge made of tree. It’s nothing like I had it imagined it in my mind, somehow it was much more and somehow much less. I still liked it.

Here are a few pictures of Laura from the back yard with the white snow and white sculptures. Click on them to watch bigger or better quality on flickr

btw fuck dig bram. jeg er så rebel at jeg laver grammatiske fejl - og skider på det ♥

The hot sun melts away the snow; when anger comes, does wisdom go

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{ NicoSchmelling } on: Monday, 13 February, 2012 said...

dearest, these are beautiful pictures and beautiful words.

{ Ida Johanne } on: Monday, 13 February, 2012 said...

Beautiful blog!

{ Moth } on: Tuesday, 14 February, 2012 said...

I really like the depth in the lower photo on the right, fantastic model to!

{ Luna de Boer Døssing } on: Wednesday, 15 February, 2012 said...

Hey! Gengæld mit kukkelureri

Hilsen din friskeste og nyeste læser! :)

{ ronnie } on: Wednesday, 15 February, 2012 said...

oh wow, the white lions are so royal looking! they flatter the model's fair skin indeed <3

by the way, i included your blog in the links section of my blog ( and would be very grateful if you followed me, too :)

{ Sofie } on: Friday, 17 February, 2012 said...

Smukke billeder, smuk tekst :-)

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