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The tickets were booked as they went on sale. The concert was sold out quickly. Subsequently, it was just to wait. Live videos from youtube and Offers opinion on the great stage show did not make the waiting time any easier. Six months would elapse before I could get permission to put my foot in Copenhagen's Forum, and listen to one of my favorite bands, Rammstein. Stina and I showed up half an hour before the doors opened and eventually also ended up standing right up front. Only 2-3 people between us and the front fence, about 10 meters from the protagonists themselves. The concert began with an unknown Swedish warm-up band called Death Stars which in terms of genre characteristics suited Rammstein harsh tones well. They also managed to lift the mood a bit, but it died again since there - as always - had to be fifteen minutes of waiting before the main name would go on. Stina told me that she under the performance of Death Stars shivered slightly in the packed hall, but in the moment Rammstein came on it stopped - and with good reason! As the light turned off, a bridge of metal sank from the ceiling and the band emerged from a small "island" in the middle of the hall and crossed the bridge with heavy steps, flags, smoke and fire. The first song came on, Sonne. People shouted eagerly along to the song's opening words: Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, aus and the heavy tones filled the hall. It was crazy. Giant flames broke through the stage floor. We quickly figured out that we had to bow our heads and look to the ground when the scene’s front flames rose; it was just too hot. Stina could hardly hold on to her camera, because its metal exterior began to heat up. Luckily, the unbearable flames up front only ravaged the first song of the concert. The rest of the show was dominated by great song choices, more flames, costumes from their music video, Lindemann with angel wings that shot out fire, a penis gun that enveloped the front rows in foam, the band's keyboardist Flake who got fried in a pan by a flamethrower and so much more! It's hard to describe such an experience.
And set aside from a couple of idiots, who could not respect that you stood where you stood, was the concert altogether spectacular!
My desire to see them live before their retirement has come true. But if I get the opportunity – I’d definitely go see them again!

pictures by my sister and me, taken on her camera

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{ Sarah Iracheni } on: Friday, 24 February, 2012 said...

Amazing blog! x

{ Ryan Carpentier } on: Friday, 24 February, 2012 said...

Looks like a bad ass concert! Good stuff! -RC

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