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This weekend I experienced a concert that made one love life just a little more. Eight people with the ardent love of music were squeezed together on a small stage in a central underground theater. Eight people who did not whine about the little space but played their instruments like nothing else really mattered. No instrument was left out: horn, saxophone, cowbell, keyboard, xylophone, guitar, clarinet… Never did the music stop, never did the silence fall upon the little theater. The bright lights which came from the ceiling danced across the floor and blinded the listeners in the room, who seemed to care just a little more about the music than to any other concert. At one point the listeners were given rattle instruments and suddenly we were a part of the music. Rhythms were everywhere; no one stood still and to feel the music suddenly had a whole new meaning. It was all just stunning.

Artist: Hess is more
creation keeps the devil away

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{ Carrie } on: Monday, 19 December, 2011 said...

Wow, i'd love to experience something like that! I've only been to one concert and it was broadway singer's Lea Salonga. She has such a beautiful voice. Effortless. :D

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{ Thea Jørgensen } on: Saturday, 07 January, 2012 said...

cool blog! og tak for kommentaren!
er blevet fast læser :)

{ jesayka } on: Friday, 13 January, 2012 said...

wow. that is beautiful. i want to get lost in something amazing like that.

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