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I spent Saturday afternoon with Asia. (Not pronounced like the continent Asia). We met because we had to do a photoshoot, which in my case was a different experience because I so far only have taken pictures of people I know. It was therefore weird to get to know a new person and at the same time boss her around. Yet I think it went okay, despite the fact that not everything went after my head, but I think we managed to produce useful material. And Asia is too a very nice and beautiful girl. (press on the picture to see the rest of the photoshoot)

Peace only comes when reason rules

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{ NicoSchmelling } on: Monday, 12 September, 2011 said...

Lin? Det der på billedet ik? Nede i hjørnet. Er det det lilla tyl? xxx

{ Linda Pochinda } on: Monday, 12 September, 2011 said...

hahah ja det er det faktisk! xD

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