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As a thunder from a clear sky: I just got back from Dublin. (11-16 march) I realized that I hadn’t settled that on my blog. But Fuck it. I’m human. I went there with my class and I really had a blast! People in Ireland are so so so so so sweet. Their Guinness is great. The weather is bad. It’s a love place for films. Lots of pubs and a city of music. I can’t explain how fun this trip was! I’m definitely going back to Dublin again! Next time I’ll hopefully be there for Skt. Patrick’s day.

Since I never said anything about my trip to Dublin, then I’d just like to announce now that I’m going to Copenhagen this upcoming weekend. I’ll go to Berlin with Offer next month (romantic trip!) and I’ll go to Prague this summer together with my family! I can’t wait!

This needs an explanation: I wish I did take a before and after picture, but I didn’t… so paint became my best friend. The thing is that when we went from Denmark people was so excited and the weather was quite nice. But our first impression of Dublin didn’t really make us smile… especially cause it had been such a nice weather in Ireland the week before our arrival and because we were forced to stand out in the rain for about 20 minutes, after a a two hours flight (doesn’t sound as much but I hate flying!), so we could get our bus. Actually, did you know that Ireland is the country in Europe where it rains the most? Well if not… you learn something new every day ;)

As you’ll hopefully/might be able to see from the photos… I got my new camera! Luckily I got it just before the trip to Dublin. If you wanna see more photos go to my facebook OR click here!

Five things I’ve learned about Ireland
- there are MANY red haired people
- everything is green! It can’t be a coincidence!
- Ireland still hates England
- people are super sweet
- it’s a country of music

Okay okay I admit it. It looks like I’m one of those cool rebels who shit on all the rules, but I’m really not. I just thought it would be cool to set it up. But I’ll just add a little something something to each item which is ticked. Okay so the first one is “It’s not allowed to drink alcohol during the trip back and forth” This was something which I and Ole was very deliberate about. Though it was only a veeeeery tiny little amount, since we drank some whiskey from a sample in the airport on the way home. It was quite good but very little.
“It’s not allowed to have or drink alcohol in the hotel rooms” : Okay… so since we was in Ireland I had to bring some good old Irish beer (Guinness) back home to my parents (even though you can buy it in Denmark too, but admit it… it’s so much cooler when it come from Ireland!) so of course I had to bring it to my room into my luggage. Yeah I’m a wussy. BUT I’d like to point out that I also drank some vodka on Ole and Anders’s room, since Anders had brought some with him.
It’s kinda cheating to tick the rule “It’s not allowed to walk around alone” cause I never did. But Ole and I left Anders drunk in town alone, after he went into a pub where Ole and I were stopped but didn’t have any picture ID… so bom bom.
Until now you’ll probably think “Jeez she’s so not tough” well you’re right! But the last item: “Don’t go with strangers” was actually something I did. Several of times. But hey! They were all sweet! And I’m still alive! Ole, Anders and I went into pubs, first with five Irish dudes who we found on the street. Then Ole and I spend time around town with an American and two Irish guys, after leaving Anders. Besides that Ole and I also drove with another man, who is a part of the very famous tourist traditional band called The merry Ploughboys. And of course we talked to lots of other nice people in Dublin!

Realization #13
I hate automatic train doors

I forgot to show you guys this! Isn’t it cool! Ole gave me a blogger T-shirt as my birthday present! I love it! :D

Women do not drink liquor but it disappears when they are present

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{ Becki Jacket } on: Tuesday, 22 March, 2011 said...

I'm so in love with your blog that it's almost ridiculous.

{ NicoSchmelling } on: Tuesday, 22 March, 2011 said...

Aaaawe, I love the t-shirt!

your trip looks like it's been amazing.

Btw, you're not only going to Copenhagen next weekend. You going there with AUNT ULLA and hopefully you're meeting up with ME! That beats Dubling surely.

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