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Today has been a good day!
Found out that there was a little side text about us winning the movie thing with “Åbenbaringen” in Fynes Stiftidende yesterday… kinda cool. What’s even more cool is that Rune from the workshop asked Ole today if it was okay for him to give our mobile numbers to a reporter who would like to make a longer article about us on Wednesday… so that will be cool :D
Besides that Dorthe – a teacher on the school asked Mathias today if we wanted to meet up tomorrow in the lunch break to talk about a little job we can get on the school: we shall make a promotion video for the school and maybe get some money for it xD first job! Haha But We’ll see.


What else happened… Oh yeah! yesterday I found this:

A convolute filled with all the letters I received from Steph. I really miss writing letter! It’s a fun and creative way to keep in touch! one of my favorite things you've send me is the cute smiling cloud saying "I'm a sweet cloud, cause I never rain" haha. I LOVE IT! Therefore I made this convolute:

Which I think I’ll send to Steph! Steph I’ll send you letters form now on again! CAUSE I LOVED THAT TIME!
Would you like to get a letter too?

Never write a letter when you're angry

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{ Jenzeestyle } on: Tuesday, 21 September, 2010 said...

letters are the best wanna be penpals?

Jenzee on livejournal

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Anonymous on: Thursday, 02 December, 2010 said...


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Anonymous on: Saturday, 04 December, 2010 said...

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