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Hellew birdies.
Long time no write. Spend way too much time with friends, film project, family, school, boyfriend ect.
I have much to say but this time I won’t short everything down! So first of all…
as you may know from my blog post earlier, then I’ve gotten the pictures from my trip to the art-known, romantic city Paris. I won’t bore you with a long story about my trip so here is my idea… before my trip to Paris I watched the movie “Paris, je t’aime” with the head line “Fall in love with Paris 18 times” so that’s what I’ll do! Give you 18 lovely reasons and put them together with pictures I took (: here you go…

One thing I think a lot of people do notice about Paris is the love of food. The food and wine is something Frenchmen is very proud about and I believe, that even if you are a faddy, you’re able to find something you’d love. I on the other hand eat everything and I really enjoyed all of the lovely thing we ate… mussels, snails, crepes, foi gras, onion soup and much more (:

To me it’s very important that big cities have big and lots of green areas, so you are able to go away from all noise pollution and all the people.

Oh god! The architecture, the buildings and the monuments are adorable. I love the style they have and places such as Notre Dam, Sacre Coeur, The Eiffel Tour, Arc de Triomphe ect. are just places you must not miss out on. Especially the church Sacre Coeur was very special on my trip. My aunt told me that we where able to see the beautiful church from our flat, and when I heard that, I thought it might was a little corner of the top tower or something… but no, no, no, no, NO! When I walked into the apartment I looked out of the window and the first thing I saw was this sweet Carousel with kids on plastic horses… but when I looked up a little further I saw this big and beautiful church. Never in my life would it have imagined that we would be one of the four flats with panorama view to Sacre Coeur, from all of the flats four windows.

A clean city, is a clean home. Another thing to love about Paris is the fact that most of the places and especially everywhere near some kind of monument is clean. They clean it every morning and come to pick up all kinds of garbage. It’s so nice!

I hate when you come to a city, where there are no space and the buildings are so tall that any moment they could fall and hit you. That is especially something I love about Berlin, but Paris has a lot of space too.

French people are generally very weird I think. They stop their cars in the middle of the traffic just to stop and talk to someone they know. They have weird rules such as “you can only pay for one thing at a time” and more random stuff, which only Frenchmen would do! But when I really learned to love the Frenchmen was when I went to this little restaurant near Sacre Ceour, called La Taverde de montmartre. My aunt and uncle know the people who own and work at the place, which made us “VIP” people xD haha. No really. My uncle and aunt only knew them, because they have eaten there so many times. Last time they went to Paris, they ate at la Taverde four times out of six days. And the people inside the restaurant are so nice and sweet. And the food! Don’t even let me talk about that! It was incredible!

Street art is very fascinating to me and it really peps up are grey and boring city. Everywhere you go in Paris there are street art. Long live art!

My favourite public transport is, and always will be the metro. It’s fast, easy, cheap and can take you anywhere. Places such as Paris and London have metro systems which are very functional and that is something I believe a lot of people appreciate.

Street performers. Yes please! I absolutely love that you can turn around any corner and some man or woman is performing with something. Football guys doing tricks. Girls making cheerleader stuff. Groups of people playing violin, saxophone and dancing. People dressed as Charlie Chaplin, statues and I could keep going. Paris is always alive!

Do I need to say anything else than Disneyland resort Paris to fall in love?

I don’t know about my home town, but it has a tendency to be dead at 5 pm. I don’t know. But especially in the winter where it becomes dark at 4 pm, and then everyone is gone! They all seem to be scared of the dark or something. I really don’t know. But it’s really nice to go somewhere, where you can stay out all night and the city won’t be dead!

well many different shops… and many of them! I’m a girl. I like shopping so I guess that’s an obvious thing to put on the list. One thing I’d like to add though. I like that there are many different shops and many of them… but it would be nice to spread them a bit from each other. I mean I once walked down this looong little street where there where nothing but shops… but all the shops was selling the same thing… hair! It was so weird.

Paris is one of those cities where anything can happen. Our first evening in the lovely flat a orchestra suddenly appeared under our window and started playing for about an hour. It was so cool!

As known, Paris is the city of art, and every night we went up near Sacre Coeur and watched artists painting people on the street. It was cool to see how each and every one of them had different styles and talents when it came to their drawing-skills. On the picture above shows a man painting a little girl with cute-big ears, but first of all… I think he makes the most beautiful eyes!

Cafés are nice and chilly. Besides that Frenchmen has a cool culture when it come to cafés… to each café they have chairs and tables (of course) but no matter where you go the furniture is also put outside and people always sit there.. all year around. On the picture you can see walls filled with paper and weird things. I took the pic in a small little café where costumers could hang up picture, drawings, phone numbers, texts, garbage… anything!

Personally I find it much more exiting with many nationalities mixed together in a city, just like Berlin! (:

I love that there are so many small swirley and curly street with many many stairs… Mostly near sacre Coeur since it was up on a hill… but it was all very packed.. but eventhough I love space I still loved this! It was so cute!!!! :D

The river Seinen. Many big cities has a river which is always nice to have… you can go on a sail trip, get around in another way and I love that Paris has small islands if you can call it that… like Notre Dam lies on one… I like that ^_^

NEXT TOPIC! Okay the Paris part was a bit longer than expected. But I don't want to say sorry for it... cause I think I apologize way too much on my blog. It's not like anoyone is forced to read it anyway.

Screen shots from our short film The revelation

But what happened since I wrote my last blog post? Well first of all I’ve used most of my time with Ole, Mathias and Sasha filming scenes to our short movie called “Åbenbaringen” which means “The Revelation”. We’re finally done shooting and today we’ll start the editing. (:

Besides that a lot of other random things have happend... Lisa and Dimitri are now a couple, my sis turned 21, been to Kris birthday, back to school and other very random things..

I LOVE ELIVIS! And espcially this version. I love his laugh (:

No man is an island

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{ LaLa } on: Friday, 20 August, 2010 said...

can I tell you how PERFECT this post, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it so much!! awe I'm so jealous lol i just love it it's beautiful :) glad your back btw

{ blisschic } on: Tuesday, 24 August, 2010 said...

hi there :)

greetings from singapore! just read the blog post you did for project you and i think it's awesome that you brought the glasses to Paris! :) I had the glasses a couple wks before you and i know what a blast it is to take many pics with those funky glasses!

btw, loving this post on fall in love with Paris 18 times!


{ Molly } on: Tuesday, 24 August, 2010 said...

Your trip looks like it was such fun!! I hope you're adjusting alright to real life back home.

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