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(from left -> right) my mother and brother, my grandma, my sister and then my dad and me

WARNING! LONG BLOG! Though I'm excused... haven't blogged much lately. sorry.
Today my mom finally came home after a month long trip in Thailand. She was supposed to take the flight back home the 30th march but decided to stay there for a bit longer until my grandmas’ funeral had past. Funerals in Thailand are next to the Danish ones much longer and takes about 6-10 days or something. When she got home she had brought some CD’s with a few movie clips and photos from the funeral. When we watched the material she told us about the different things that happened and other stuff, and I found it very fascinating to see the way the Thais to it and their traditions. I kinda wish I were there myself but on the other hand I don’t think I’d be that comfortable since there where hundreds of people and I can’t speak with any of them so I would just stand there and smile and laugh very fake -.- yup. That’s me in a nutshell. Oh well. But as I said my mom told me a lot about the different things that had be going on while we all were sitting in the kitchen having a good time. One of the weird things that happened was that when my mom was sitting and feeding my Grandma she suddenly, very slowly passed away. My mom went to Thailand with her sister/my aunt and since they live so far away from home I somehow believe that my grandma finally found her inner peace by knowing that they where there. All the siblings gathered together, with only my uncle who was still in Denmark at the time missing. But yeah I really believe something like that… but that’s not the weird part; the weird thing is that a few monks about four came only a few hours later after they had heard she was dead. Also the days up to the real funeral you have some ‘parties’ where a few monks come every morning to pray for the dead one, but every night they came to and usually it was all “over”-monks which came. The reason why these things are weird is that monks are usually ordered / invited to come but they just came. Besides that on the last funeral day my family had invited 92 monks to come – since my grandma became 92 years old (according to the Chinese, to me she “only” became 91… why they do it the Chinese way I have no idea?) anyways. The thing is that 108 monks turned up instead of 92… why? No one knows. Some people believe that it’s because she might have been a male monk in her earlier life which also could be the reason why my grandmother was so good at the monk language as she where. The monk language consists of different and long kind of fairs. Really. Not even my grandfather was as good at them as she where and when she was on the hospital the nurse asked her where she lived but she couldn’t remember but what she could was to do monk fairs, 91 years old and she still remembered them. Gosh. Only one out of hundred are that good to remember stuff like that, and I can tell from experience that they are hard. I’ve only tried a little and my mom can’t even remember two lines… another reason to admire my grandmother. She really was an amazing person. Another interesting things about the funeral was that when they where arranging the party the temple that she was supposed to have a funeral turned out to be booked already. Therefore they had to do it in another one where it turned out a Buddha my grandmother had donated to the temples once had ended up in exactly that temple… what a coincidence… besides that she was the first one in the Pochinda family to have a royal funeral because she was burned with “royal fire” gotten from the Kings palace in Bangkok. The reason why this happened is a longer and more boring story…
To say a little about the last funeral day where she got burned, I’ve posted some pictures below and some text.
(PRESS ON THE PICTURES TO SEE THEM BIGGER FORMAT!) (why there is a biiiig space between this text and the pictures underneath is unknown...)

My two oncles are giving some monks food.
People burned clothe, food, gold and other stuff so she would have those things in her next life.
A little altar thing with my grandmother at home
My grandma lying in her coffin where they have layd gold, money and other things down to help her in her next life...
On this picture my family and the monks are taking the coffin to the Cremation plave where the 'real' cermoni will be held.
They turn on alot of incense sticks infront of the "altar" for my grandma which can be seen underneath and which is at thecremation place.
So this is the little altar with flowers and incense sticks and a picture of her in the middle.
This is alot of fabric in different colors which is hung up in the room. On each piece there is written the name of the people who gave it.
This is a picture of my mom and all her siblings.(my mom is the lady sitting on a chair on the right side of the photo)
Some of the 108 monks who came, who later made a fair.
Some of the people who came to the funeral
Thai dancers dancing.... weird enough
People was wating outside for the royal fire to arrive.
Of course there was speeches
People and monks gave some flowers made of think pieces of tree...
Most of the people there now went home and got a gift on the way out... there where 400 gifts and they where all gone after... that means that there where over 400 people to the funeral - and the monks aren't included! o.O
The undertaker pours coconut milk on my grandmothers face right before she's getting burned. This is said to give good luck or something in her next life.
The last photo shows her getting burned. While this is happening people are throwing the tree-paper-flowers which earlier wasa given at the altar into the oven.

Let the dead rest

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{ GlowinGirl } on: Friday, 09 April, 2010 said...

I'm sorry about your grandmother.

The funeral pictures and story were very interesting. Such a different way of doing things than where I'm from!

Thank you for sharing.

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