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Yesterday I got a really good advice from a friend of mine:
"Look away from your problems, you have a great life, you just gotta look in a wider perspective"
I think this is the smartest thing I've heard in a while. So that's what I'll do; look in a wider perspective. Which I should. Above all my problems I have a great life at the moment. It's holiday, christmas night tomorrow - which I'm happy but stressed about! but/and besides that I just spend some amazing days with my best friends:
Sunday Kris had a christmas party where I got to talk and have a great time with some good friends and nice people. When the party was over at 2am Nico, Bram and I went to sleep at Brams house - mainly cause he lives on the street just besides kris house. So we went to sleep there, which was nice since we didn't want to bike home in the snow at that time of night >.< The next day nico and I went shopping in town to get a good overview on this years christmas presents, but again without much luck in my case. Not initially true though, since we got to figure out most of Stephanies present. Anyways, when we where done I spend the rest of the day, until the evening, just by chilling at home and to work. Later at night I went to stephs house to have a little sleepover with her, Nico and Fifi - who came three hours too late! Shame opn you guys! But when they finally came we had a lot of fun dancing, eating marshmallows with chocolate, playing games and making christmas candy :D The next day I went for a quick visit at fifis house with her and nico. Afterwards I then went to work and shopping with my brother.
And well ... now it's today and I'll spend the rest of it with editing photos, relaxing, but my dads present and go see fifi and nico to exchange presents and wish them a very merry christmas! ^^

Love is not finding someone to live with; it's finding someone whom you can't live without

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